The Charity is run by an enthusiastic bunch of media, finance and creative types from our HQ in Manchester.



Denise Proctor FRSA MBA, MA(RCA), Cert IOD is recognised within the music industry as the figure who pioneered the single music download revolution, ten years before it became industry standard. Denise setup NOISE in 2004 with a view to finding the funding, sponsors and media partners to deliver a whole range of unique projects that make up the NOISE Festival.

Denise comes from a highly successful background in online initiatives, having set up PWP, one of the first UK interactive design companies that created the world's first interactive music CDrom with video. PWP went on to win a plethora of awards including "Best Web Design" for the Manic Street Preachers (Sony), a BIMA award for ‘Best Advertising and Promotion,’ for Elton John (Polydor) and 'The Times' Award for E-Commerce. Denise also worked with Lord David Puttnam in the setting up of NESTA Futurelab bringing together the games and education industries, and with AIM (Association of Independent Music) to establish an E-Commerce strategy for UK independent music labels.

Denise has directed a host of music videos (including No.1 selling artists), adverts, television titles and documentary pieces for BBC television, ARD and SFDRS. She has a BA from New York University and St. Martins School of Art, an MA in film directing from the Royal College of Art, an MBA in Finance at Manchester Business School and is currently completing the Institute of directors exams for Chartered Director Status 

Favourite NOISE moment 

Securing NOISE Dream Jobs for our artists in MTV Brazil, animators Mackinnon and Saunders,  Hemingway Design and the BBC


Joe graham, press officer

Joe helps out with all sorts in the NOISE office, from writing press releases and pitches for promotions to brew making…tea, milk, no sugar if you’re asking. Joe studied Politics at Liverpool Uni and then flew away on a jet plane for a travelling adventure in warmer climates before landing back home in Manchester to find NOISE with open arms.

Outside of the office, Joe enjoys a good club night and spends most of his time listening to music or following his footy team Man Utd. He will always be partial to a dog made out of wellies…


Scouting new music at gigs and clubs across the world…and being paid for it!

Zairah Amin, Content & Social Media Manager

You might not remember Zairah from Blue Peter, especially as she barely does herself, but she swears she was on it once. She even has the badge to prove it. Now, a washed up child star determined not to go to uni, Zairah spends her days getting the good word of the NOISE Charity out to the masses, from stunning blogs to being the in-house YouTube expert or at home, desperately trying to keep up to date with her shows and wondering if anyone still uses Hi5.

Slightly more creative and certainly more productive activities include baking (mostly for other people), upcycling jewellery and creative writing.
You can see this stuff on her NOISE ePortfolio

Dream Job:

You mean other than working at NOISE? Being paid to kick back and scribble out a few bestsellers in the cafe I own would be great.


brant adam, training & development officer

Brant’s role is sourcing new people to join NOISE and helping them to use it once they’ve signed up! Out of the office Brant gives talks to people from all walks of life telling them what NOISE is all about.

An interest in films was sparked by Media Studies in college after making some short films. After college, Brant’s big break was being an Assistant Director in the low-budget independent feature film Brothers Day. He also had a cameo as a police man and a doctor! Feeling a change, Brant moved up to the bubbly city of Glasgow to study Photography. Upon his triumphant return back to Manchester, he now tends to live in a program called Photoshop. He likes to get deep and meaningful about life and thinks Broccoli is the best vegetable in the world.

 His motto is: I wanna be the very best… that no one ever was…

Dream Job: Professional Starcraft 2 player.


Other special NOISE team members and volunteers have included:

team noise 2011

Vic Turnbull, Lucy Scarisbrick, Lauren Cowdery, Sadaf Norouz, James Greenhalgh, Michael Prescott, Jessica Gluba, Hannah Glennon, Catherine Egan, Emily Greenslade, Kieren Crampton, Beccy Neville, Daniel Juniper, Tony Henderson, Joshua Drakes, Liam Fawcett, Jon Bottomley, Ben Finney, Peter Richardson, Charmagne Caines, Lisa Pauley, Nadia Morroushi, Jonathan McGee, Steve Millar, Oli Barnes, Hattie Allsop, Jonathan Hughes, Sophie Collett, Fransisca Nelson, Karen Wan, Fran Rocca, Catherine Chialton, Caroline Thompson, Lucy Biddle, Francesca Mainman, Howard Phillips, Antje Wegener, Harriet Whittaker, Ali Thomas, Rachel Southern, Matthew Pendergast, Martin Pearson, Whitney Sherratt, Jack Scott, Jade Downes, Esther Ndungu, Fran Roberts, Gahmei Cheng, Dan English, Jenn Brookes, Kathryn Whitehurst, Catherine McCann, Yara Khun, Neeta Sarl, Rosie Marlow, Neil Owen, Rachel Pilkington, Gavin Bower, Gabrielle Iskandar, Danielle Smith, Lucy Jackson, Elinor Dixon, Ella Wredenfors, Aneirin Thomas, James Dale, Richard Lawless, Jessica Higgins, Mark Devereux, Miten Patel, Charlotte Stear, Jessica Holt, Rachel Witkin, Eve Broadhurst, Louise Charles, Roxanna Locke, Catherine Knott, Paul Tuddenham, Mansureh Bodaghi, Sam Fisher, Craig Deeming, Sheila Ohene, Ola Wikstrom, Annabel Fenwick, Tom Clarke, Jo Waters, John Allan, Irene Ruberebuka, Jo Carter, Lucy Wray, James O'Connell, Rob Pollard, Chris Rice, Alex Herron, Mee Mee Cheung, Guy Cameron, Lowell Walbank, Joe Webster, Tara Schaaffe, Sally Brisland, Polly Stevens, Alexa Frandina-Brown, Niamh Egan, Felicity Faye, Ketan Mistry, Jignesh Lad, Sarah Robson, Ruth Collins, Jack Waterfall and Richie Lyle.

With big fond memories, we thank you!