NOISE Artists

Emerging creatives on their NOISE experience


Craig Portfolio reviewYou guys changed my life."

Craig Atherton, Graphics (Wigan)NOISE Artist & Art of Protest exhibitor, BBC 5Live ‘Young & Jobless’ NOISE documentary participant. 
(Image: Craig’s portfolio review with Richard Joseph, from kitchenware company Joseph & Joseph) 

“I can't thank NOISE enough for the support and exposure they have already given me and my workIt's so important for young artists to have support from an organisation like NOISE in the vital parts of their independent artistic development. Many young artists feel lost when leaving the security of university, NOISE is there as a guiding rail into the rest of the art world.”

Leah Capaldi, Fine Artist (Brighton)NOISE Festival 2006 Curator Choice, NOISE Liverpool Biennial and Urbis exhibition, NOISE ‘Ambassador’ at NOISE 2008 Launch, Downing Street. 

(Image: Leah speaking at the NOISE Festival 2008 launch, Downing Street) 


NOISE Festival rocks my world because it's completely unbiased and fair. It's not who you know or what you've done before, anyone can submit their work and everyone is an equal. That's the beauty of NOISE being all online, everyone stands a fair chance and it means that people from all over can be a part of it.”
Gavin Strange, Designer (Bristol)
NOISE Festival 2006 top submission, NOISE Dream Job with Hemingway Design. Now lead designer at Aardman Animations.


“My confidence and experience has sky rocketed.” 

James Tite, Artst (Manchester)Exhibited at the NOISE Art of Protest exhibition, People’s History Museum  

(Image: James’s work is displayed at the NOISE Art of Protest exhibition) 


“NOISEstock was a fantastic event and an amazing opportunity for young musicians and artists like myself to get heard. The support offered by NOISE has been a big boost to so many young people, with NOISEstock enabling emerging artists to meet established talent and link up in a way that they'd never done before. Playing alongside Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) was an incredible experience and I hope to be working with him again at some point in the future.”

Josiah Mortimer, Musician (York), NOISEstock performer, live performance with Sam Duckworth

(Image: Josiah plays live with Sam Duckworth at NOISEstock 2013) 


“The arts and creative industry is the most difficult to find work within. It is  a very specific industry that requires individuals with knowledge of it to help. This is what NOISE provides and it is a service which is very much in demand for creative individuals.” 

Stephanie Parnell, Photographer (Tameside)NOISE Artist & Art of Protest exhibitor 


rael“The new NOISE site looks ace, blummin' brilliant! I hope you all know that you're genuinely the best at what you do. I realised that pretty quickly, and I remember and am reminded of that the more that I get out and explore. Team NOISE do such an amazing job!”

Rael Gough, Illustrator (Bolton)NOISE Artist, Non-formal learning Symposium member, Art of Protest pop-up exhibition team

(Image: Rael doing a spot of networking at the NOISE Art of Protest pop-up exhibition launch) 


“I’m really glad I entered my work into NOISE as it’s given me recognition that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. NOISE gives young creatives a great opportunity to get their work out there for all to see.”

Lauren Clowes Fashion Designer (Manchester)NOISE Festival 2006, Curator Choice for Fashion, featured in the NOISE ‘Raw Creatives’ documentary.


“NOISE has given me the opportunity to expose my work to potential clients and employers - not an easy task in such a competitive industry.”

Jacob Swan-Hyam aka VABE, photographer/ filmmaker (York)NOISE Festival 2008 Curator Choice for photography, NOISE Magazine 


“I was overwhelmed by NOISE. I’m totally addicted now. Working with Wayne [Hemingway] will look great on my CV and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be the best experience for me at this early stage of my career and is just the push I need.”

Carly Dodsley, Ceramicist (Nottingham), NOISE Festival 2006 Top Choice, NOISE Dream Job at Hemingway Design

(Image: Carly is awarded with her NOISE Dream Job placement by Wayne Hemingway) 



“I would just like to say to everyone at NOISE a big Thank You, even though I was very determined when I left Camberwell college of Arts back in 2006, NOISE offered me a platform to show and promote my work to a large audience, I think what you do is great for the creative industry and especially to those who are just starting out. I watched a section of the news the other day about the do at 11 Downing Street and almost felt part of it all.”

Chris Dent, Illustrator (Wormley)NOISE Festival 2006 Curator Choice, featured in the NOISE Magazine and Urbis Exhibition 


"Being a part of NOISE has been a great opportunity. To gain recognition from Greg Burne (Big Active) while still studying, and to receive his advice on my portfolio in the one to ones at Creative Futures, not only gave me areas to develop but provided me with a great boost to my creative confidenceAlso the platform to exhibit my work, and the media exposure gained has been an invaluable opportunity in starting my career, an opportunity not many people are able gain."

Fiona Dunphy, Illustrator (Liverpool), NOISE Festival 2008 Curator Choice for Illustration, interviewed for BBC News, exhibited at NOISE Your Creative Futures event 

(Image: Fiona with her work at NOISE Your Creative Futures)


“I recently attended the 'NOISE Creative Futures’ in Manchester ‘08. From meeting Paul Wilkinson (Creative Director of MTV), I have been offered a 3 month internship with a the company 'T.I.R.A', a London based design studio who do graphics for MTV. I’m looking forward to starting my internship I thought I should let you guys know, because it’s all thanks to NOISE that this has all come about!"

Eve Entwhistle, Graphics