Top industry professionals on NOISE


" is a great venture. I think it’s great to scan and offer young talent an opportunity to present themselves, to be looked at and evaluated – it’s very interesting.”

Dame Zaha HadidNOISE Festival 2008 Curator for Architecture



" is an interesting newer way of presenting work and I think it touches the modern world. It also allows this decentralisation that people talk about so much to actually happen and so if it’s a faster route to new talent then that’s a great thing.”

Tom Dixon, NOISE Festival 2008 Curator for Product Design


doc brown"I wanted to get involved with NOISE Festival is because, personally, I have managed to make a career in the entertainment business with no initial contact whatsoever. I was not born into this, I did not have money to get me into it, and I was not sleeping with somebody who was running the industry! I just worked hard and I believed in myself."
Doc Brown, NOISE Festival 2014 Curator for Comedy & Spoken Word


“Every case is different, but in the end young artists need to invent themselves and be with people of their own age and try and establish a new generation. That’s why I like, as it’s a push to encourage people to establish their own voice.”

Sir Norman Rosenthal, NOISE Festival 2008  Curator for Fine Art


“My overall impression was that there was nobody as good as me (I’m joking). I’m just amazed at the amount of people there are making music and this is just scratching the surface – it’s quite astonishing. That makes me feel quite positive because, regardless of the way the music industry is at the minute, the fact that people are making so much music any way shows that they are doing it because they love it.”

Badly Drawn Boy, NOISE Festival 2008 Curator for Music

Wayne Hemingway selects his bests

"The NOISE Festival is a crucial initiative that will not only enhance our cultural wellbeing but also benefit the nation’s economic wellbeing. The UK's manufacturing economy has declined but our creative sectors are booming with a current contribution to the economy of some £14 billion. NOISE is good for the soul and the pocket."

Wayne Hemingway of Hemingway Design, NOISE Festival 2006 Curator for Architecture and Product Design

 Peter Saville

“NOISE Festival is a unique opportunity for fresh young talent to gain exposure and experience in a myriad of highly progressive and dynamic mediums. I am supporting NOISE because it’s a way of seeing the issues that matter to young people.”

Peter Saville of Saville Associates, NOISE Festival 2006 Curator for Graphics


Eley Kishimoto“From experience I know that the creative industries are notoriously difficult to penetrate.  NOISE will help young talent to break through by providing a whole range of platforms and projects that will showcase their work and promote their talent. This is a real opportunity for young creatives to gain exposure in their chosen field and it will be really interesting to see the sort of talent unearthed.”

Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto, NOISE Festival 2006 Curator for Fashion


"I think that projects like NOISE are mega important for young people who have creative stuff inside them or for creatives that don't quite appeal to the mass market. It's great to encourage young people to make stuff and provide a platform for them to show that stuff. It’s important to back young people and give them some exposure and some encouragement. I think it's really important and exciting to encourage people to create and to be all that they can be”.

Stella Vine, NOISE Festival 2006 Curator for Fine Art

“ has kind of created its own globalised ghetto. You can cross-pollinate; you can find other people that you are inspired by and start working together.”

 NOKI, NOISE Festival 2008 Curator for Fashion