Welcome to the NOISEfestival.com blog; thought, updates and what not from the NOISE Team. Over at www.NOISEfestival.com you can create online portfolios toget your creative work seen by an audience of millions! The NOISE Team hooks up with industry professionals and media folk from across the country to help propel your work to new audiences. Through NOISE you can also network, collaborate and gain the skills to really push forward your creative career, whoever, wherever you are. The NOISE charity is committed to helping emerging talent whoever they are, wherever they are to secure a creative career based solely on their abilities. We want the best talent to break though to be the next Creative Industry leaders. We are dedicated to providing debt-free routes into these industries for you. NOISE is most helpful if you’re 18-30 and know where your creative strengths are but you need support, what the charity offers you is press promotion (for the best work), a network of peers for you to collaborate with, most importantly your fantastic NOISE online portfolio that is designed to help you plan, build and promote your skills and products, mentoring from industry professionals, and easy access learning modules for you to develop your skills as and when you need to.