Make the Most of your ePortfolio: Creativity & Expertise

Part One: Here's the start of our series on getting the very best of your ePortfolio.

Initially, your NOISE ePortfolio might look a bit empty, but think of it as your Creative CV - once you’ve started, it's simple to maintain and update. Here’re the basics, but we’ll look at each section in more detail in future posts.


This is where you upload all of your creative output (e.g. your artwork, songs, films, poems etc) and later, what people are saying about it. If you find that you'd like to upload more than six pieces of work, you've always got the option to upgrade. 

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Check out Mark O'Brien's Creativity. He's got loads of his creative work on show, professional and personal, in a variety of formats. He shows his versatility and his experience really well, here.


This is the more traditional aspect of your "Creative CV". Here's where you add your work experience, education, press and skills. Most importantly it’s where you can add the stuff that you’ve done ‘informally’ - the things you’ve achieved outside of the classroom, which all contribute to your employability and make you stand out to people who could give you work. On top of this, you can add images of you doing that particular skill or experience etc and add a reference from someone who’s seen you do it, or a quote from an audience member. Remember, your NOISE ePortfolio isn’t like a regular CV. It’s designed to make you, your skills and talent stand out and to be used as a tool to help you generally big yourself up. 

For all the technical info on filling out this section, head to our Guide to Expertise.

Take a look at Ciara Clark’s Expertise, where she's not only listed her Education and Qualifications, but also Enterprise and Showcase experience, along with all of her technical skills and awards. 

Next time

We'll be looking at the nitty gritty aspects of your ePortfolio, including how to fill out your Profile.