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What you need to know about Doc Brown.

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We sent NOISE artist, Bradley Cumberbatch, to have a chat with the comic genius that is our 2014 Festival Curator for Comedy Doc Brown on the set of Law and Order UK. The rapper/comedian/actor/writer/everything man gives us the dish on how he got where he is, from Equality Street with Ricky Gervais to creating the BAFTA Award winning Four O’Clock Club. Here’s your need-to-know cheat sheet on Doc Brown.

1. He didn’t plan on becoming a comedian.
Having been trying to make it into the rap world, Doc believed he had gone as far as he could, when he received a call from an acquaintance who was working on script for the Lenny Henry Show. He wanted Doc to come in as a script consultant and when the producers liked the changes he’d made, they kept him on and he’d found himself a new calling.

2. It’s not always easy, making people laugh.
Sometimes, gigs go badly. Doc has cut sets short because he read the room and recognised that the audience were not really in the laughing mood. But he reckons, if you’re honest and sincere, it doesn’t matter what your jokes are about as they’ll always be funny.

3. He loves auditioning for roles that aren’t written for him.
One of Doc’s personal aims is to get rid of typecasting, something many actors have to deal with. He’s proud of the television he’s done, in particular, those that weren’t of the urban genre, such as Law and Order UK.


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