Entering #NOISEfest14: A No-Fuss Guide

Everything you need to know about entering NOISE Festival 2014, all in one snug place.

Teaser image by James Tite 

Still on the fence about entering NOISE Festival 2014? Not sure how it works or how/what you should submit? Fear not, dear readers! Here’s your “Need to Know” on all things #NOISEfest14!

Bhavini Ladwa - Hoody
Why should I?
The real question is, why on Earth not? NOISE Festival 2014 is a FREE, all-inclusive leg up into the creative industries, by way of national media exposure, one-one-one mentorship with your favourite industry professionals and there are even some paid placements in the mix! Did I mention it was free?

Joanne Langdon - Untitled
Who are these industry professionals you speak of?
Well, they’re only some of the biggest names in their respective fields. We’ve got the likes of Brian Eno (Music), Sir Nicholas Grimshaw (Architecture), Giles Deacon (Fashion) and Gerald Scarfe (Illustration) ready to plough through festival submissions and select the cream of the crop for all of the above goodness.

For the full curator line up, click here.

Katy Davis - Noise
Okay great - but what should I submit?
You’ve got six free entries at your disposal (up to 120 if you’ve one of our Hotshot portfolios, you lucky thing) – upload anything and everything that shows off your talent! You can upload in four formats (text, audio, video, image) and across fourteen different categories, there’s something for everyone! Take Enterprise (curated by Thristian from Boiler Room TV) – you can enter an idea, a full on video presentation or a fleshed out pitch!

You can see examples of different submissions for different categories here

Anthony Read - Goin Ape
Right, but how do I enter it?
Once you’ve uploaded your stuff to your ePortfolio, you’re ready to submit to the festival. Find the work you want to submit and click on it. On the right, above that lovely description you wrote, there’s a wonderfully bright pink button that says “Enter Work to Festival”. Click it. 
Here’s where you’ve got to sell yourself – add to/change your description if you like and fill in all the bits. Curators will only see this information, so make sure you’ve got everything you want to be judged on there, especially the “Why Should it be Chosen” box. That’s an important one.

See our “How To Enter” page, here.

Anna Stephans - Claudius
Done. Now what?
Now, you wait. We’ll still have lots of great content on NOISEfestival.com and we’ll still be having live Q&A webinars with the Curators and eight NOISE Artists (more info here).
Once the festival deadline has passed, the Curators will rifle through the submissions and pick their favourites. Successful NOISE artists will be notified during the summer, ready for the Autumn showcase. Then, who knows? The festival is just the beginning! 

You can see what previous NOISE Artists have achieved post-festival here

Deadline: Saturday 31st May 2014

1. Create a NOISE Portfolio NOISEfestival.com/user/register 
2. Upload your best work to your NOISE Portfolio.
3. Submit your work to NOISE Festival 2014 by clicking the big pink “Enter Festival” button.
4. Recognition by the best in the business, media exposure and paid placements.

See our quick how to register/submit guide here NOISEfestival.com/help/festival 
See our special series of interviews with the NOISE Curators & what they’re looking for here youtube.com/NOISEfestival