How to Deactivate a Yahoo Mail Account – Can it be Done?

Of late, Yahoo users are under a lot of duress, because of the security issues. Things have turned for worse, with the large-scale data breach that affected around 3 billion people. Moreover, the security experts are actively suggesting to shut down the account and switch to an altogether different mail platform. 


However, the process associated with deactivating the Yahoo mail account is not something that is easily done. The steps involved might seem complicated in the first place. But it isn’t the case. 


Most of the time, unfamiliarity with the steps makes the going tough. If you do get a proper idea of the whole procedure, this is something you can do so, without having to face many obstacles.


So, what are the exact steps you must take to deactivate a Yahoo mail account? If you don’t know, there is nothing much to worry. By and large, you can follow the instructions, which are being discussed below. 


If for any reason, you are not in a position to implement the same, it then makes sense to consult the independent Yahoo expert, using the toll-free support number. 


Procedure to Deactivate Yahoo Mail Account 


1. Open the browser and proceed towards the Yahoo account deletion page. 

2. Now you have to sign-in using the Yahoo credentials. 

3. To confirm your identity, you have to enter the password. 

4. Now, type the CAPTCHA code. 

5. Once you are done, click on the Terminate this account option to permanently deactivate your Yahoo account. 


When you are completely done with the task, it will then mean that you have succeeded in deleting the Yahoo account. 


What You Must do Before Deleting the Account


There are some additional steps you must take, before deleting the account. 


1. Make sure to delete any existing account linked to your Yahoo account. 

2. Ensure to download all your important documents and files. 

3. For communication purpose, make sure to have a functional email account. 


Deleting your Yahoo mail account is something that is completely your prerogative. In view of the security issues, you are taking this drastic step and there is no harm in it. In the meantime, if your account has not been hacked and seems safe, you can continue using it. 


As far as any technical issues are concerned, you can probably seek the assistance of the experts, who are best equipped to help you. You can reach them using the support number, which is functional on a 24x7 basis.