How to Make the Most of your NOISE ePortfolio

Signed up & uploaded your creative work to your shiny new NOISE Portfolio. Now what? is an already willing community of people just like you (over 10,000 members in fact), looking for recognition and exposure in the things that they love to do. With an audience that big, imagine the kind of exposure you could get if everyone told their friends!

We compiled some tips and tricks on how to promote yourself and your work, from the initial set up of your NOISE ePortfolio to its distribution. Learn about what should go into your Biography, when and where you should be sharing your work and how to use effectively.

How are you finding the self promotion process? Did we miss anything? 

Join in the discussion if you have any top tips to share, or examples of what you added to your NOISE ePortfolio to make it look gorgeous, and make it stand out.