JJ Rosa- Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Hailing from Stockport, JJ Rosa has had quite the adventure these last few years. The fourth of the NOISE Your Creative Future videos features Badly Drawn Boy’s choice for the 2008 NOISE festival Music category. Here’s what you need to know about JJ Rosa.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan McGee

1. She “bloody loves music.”
Whilst she has pretty much always had a passion for music, she lacked confidence when she first started out writing songs at only seven years old. It wasn’t until she was fourteen that she started showing her stuff off.. Though trained classically in piano, her weapon of choice is an electric guitar and of course, her voice.   As for her musical genre, well you can’t really just put her in one box. Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop and Funk – she does it all.

2. Badly Drawn Boy.
JJ submitted a song to the NOISE Festival 2008 and later received a call from Damian Gough of Badly Drawn Boy,  the NOISE Curator for Music. They went on to have a jam session in JJ’s basement and performed together at the NOISE Your Creative Futures event, live at Manchester Town Hall. 

3. Getting signed
She was contacted by an American producer based in London, after he had come across some of her music online. Next thing they knew, off they were to America to showcase their new stuff to 
some of the hugest record labels in the world. A few weeks later, there were deals on the table and they were signed by S-Curve records (Universal).

4. It wasn’t over yet
The hard work is only just beginning. It’s integral to surround yourself with a great team and keep your focus. They played the South by Southwest festivalbefore getting licensed by Warner Brothers who will be putting out their record.

5. Sage advice
“The Three Ps” First and foremost, get your stuff out there and keep your NOISE ePortfolio updated. Remember to stay focussed and keep working hard, because it’s a hard industry to get into and it stays hard, even after you break through. JJ talks about “The Three Ps” that helped her through: Passion, Persistence and Patience. Though they can be applied to any aspect of life, they’re particularly relevant to anyone trying to get into the creative industries.

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