Make the Most of your ePortfolio: All About You

Part two: Our step-by-step guide to getting the very best from your NOISE experience.

Profile Information

The ‘Settings’ tab, now here's where it gets interesting. Click on it and sitting just below the Creativity tab are three links. The second is ‘Profile Information’.screen capture of ePortfolioThis is where you put your Creative Biography (that'll get its own post) and Creative Statement. These differ in that your statement should be significantly shorter and definitely snappier. Make it interesting!

What You Do

“What You Do” sums up what you do/are, e.g. the specialism and skills you've shown in your creative work. "But why the slashes?!" I hear you cry. Very rarely are us creatives jack of one trade- we tend to dip our toes in a number of different roles. To a potential employer this can be a great way to show your diversity. It doesn’t have to be all ‘creative’ either below your name and will be one of the first things people see when they check out your ePortfolio, so make sure it represents you well! Keep it concise and memorable. The slashes automatically appear with every line.

screen capture of eportfolio If you have a "Hotshot" account, you'll be able to add your website here, too. For more information about the different kinds of accounts and what they include, check out our help section. 

Key Facts

Three Key Facts about you/your work. The kind of things you're pretty proud of, but wouldn't necessarily fit in on a regular CV. What’ll give your portfolio the wow factor, or show a nugget of information about you that hasn’t been covered elsewhere. Similar to the slashes, with every new line you use in this section, a new box will appear on your ePortfolio. It's important that you make sure each fact can be contained in one line, or you'll have fragments of sentences strewn throughout your portfolio! Then, tell us what your Dream Job is - maybe we can help you find it! 
For Hire

This is where you tell us what you're available for - are you looking for full-time or freelance work? How much do you charge (this isn't made public)? That should do it. Your For Hire info will show up on your ePortfolio homepage, in a highlighted box. It's important to fill this in as it can contribute to the effectiveness of your ePortfolio, when you're looking for work or even when potential employers comb thrrough our jobs section, looking for someone just like you. So fill your ePortfolio in, keep it updated and use it as a tool to self-promote! 

Next time...

We’ll go over Creative Biographies and content – what you need to include, what you don’t and what you don’t have to but probably should.

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