New NOISE BBC R5 radio programme

NOISE Executive Producer adds her thoughts to the NOISE charity's new co-production for BBC Radio 5 live, together with leading radio indie Wise Buddah on Youth Unemployment. The series of programmes examines the barriers faced by the growing number of young unemployed people in the UK  . The project has been commissioned as part of the BBC Northern Development Fund. Denise says "The NOISE team initially brought the idea to BBC Radio 5 of inviting a group of under and unemployed young people to create a manifesto for the generation, to address the issues they face in gaining jobs that utilise their full potential. We have received a fantastic support from Radio 5 in developing this idea, to finding Wise Buddha as a co-producer for the project.  As the series develops the charity will be increasing its services so that more young people in the UK can gain support with mentoring, up-skilling via our revolutionary e-learning initiative, and related career-boosting opportunities." Over four months ‘Manifesto for a Crisis Generation’ will follow 4 young Northern voices; Danielle (County Durham), Richie (Newcastle), Karen (Mansfield) and Craig (Wigan) to look behind the cold-facts of the youth unemployment crisis. The programme looks beyond the usual 2D statistics depicted in the mainstream media, by giving a voice to the young people feeling the effects of the recession. We'll be blogging throughout the 4 months, from the young participants, the mentors they meet and of course us, lot The NOISE Team! The project starts on BBC Radio 5 live’s Drive programme, this Wednesday 15th February from 16h to 19h, to coincide with the release of the latest UK unemployment figures. Further inserts will be broadcast when unemployment figures are released on 14 March, 18 April and 16 May. You can listen online, DAB or 909/693 AM. For more visit