#NOISEfave: Mike Redman

This week, we love Mike Redman from Bristol!

Mike paints games concept art and we were so impressed with his stunning work we was selected to take part in our LIVE webinar Q&A with Games & New Media Curator for #NOISEfest14, Ian Livingstone  last month! His paintings are gorgeously gritty, featuring other-worldly characters and landscapes. Take a look at his Spirit of the Forest – we think he’s captured light, in an otherwise dark place, wonderfully.

Mike Redman's "Spirit in the Forest" (above)
We asked Mike a few questions about his practice and direction – here’s what he said.

What's your Dream Job?
To be working as a 2d concept artist in a large game or animation studio. 

Is being a creative your full time job?
I have just graduated from university and haven't started working yet, but it will be.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given and who's it from?
“Work hard and don't explain other's success on 'luck' or 'talent'”- this is mainly from my Dad. 

Do you reckon it's all about who you know, not what you know in this business?
I have just graduated and really don't know the business. From my experience, it is a bit of both.  Your work has to be very good, but you cannot create amazing work and then not get it out there or show it to anyone. 
Mike Redman's "Kids Concept" (right)

What's your favourite Michael Jackson song and why?
Smooth Criminal. I never really listened to Michael Jackson as a kid, but heard this song and enjoyed it- probably because it is reasonably fast and is closest to Death Metal which is my favourite genre of music nowadays. :)

Tell us about the defining moment when you thought 'I WANT TO BE AN ARTIST'
I have always known that I enjoy drawing more than any of the other subjects in school. It has been a case of balancing my other interests with my art to keep things fresh and exciting.

We also like how he’s even put up his practice paintings. This is a great way to show his journey as an artist and how he learnt different techniques. He’s also made sure to tag his work. Remember, the more you tag and describe your work, the easier it is for it to be found and seen by our huge community of NOISE Artists. See how to do this and more on our "Making the Most of your ePortfolio" blog series.

You can see Mike’s ePortfolio for yourself, here.