#NOISEfave: Skinny Wrist Gumbo

This week's #NOISEfave is indie band Skinny Wrist Gumbo!

We're loving Preston pop rock / indie lovelies, Skinny Wrist Gumbo this week. Zairah (our Social Media Assistant), reckons they're a little of The Kooks with a bit of Air Traffic mixed in, whilst Vic (our Deputy Director) is totally loving the groove and distinctive vocals (think Jake Bugg with an Alex Turner twang).

We were also pretty impressed with their ePortfolio skills too, making sure  everything's got descriptions, it's all tagged, plus they've included a cracking bio. For more on making your ePortfolio look its best, see our blog series.

We asked the guys some questions about their work and there answers are below - this is an introduction, a taster, a call it what you will to Skinny Wrist Gumbo.

What’s your Dream Job?
Our dream job is definitely to take on music full-time, undoubtedly it is all we ever talk about.

Is being creative your full-time job?
At this moment in time, being creative is our full time mind-set, in the definition of a job, ‘a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid’, three-quarters of us have 2 means, music and full-time paid employment, whilst one of us is on their way to university. 

Describe your creative genius in 5 words?
Found, strongly, through, deep, friendship.

We chose NOISE because of its use of lexis, ‘Portfolio’ ‘Expertise’ words that, connected to the first question, makes us feel as though our work can be kept organised and shared, and that our creative, spiritual outsource feels more in the form of a job, ever closer to it being a reality.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given and who’s it from?
‘Be yourselves and have fun’ - Peter Farnworth; the band’s roadie.

Do you reckon it’s about who you know, and not what you know in the business?
It’s definitely about what you know, to some extent, but not greatly. Being able to enjoy music and take pleasure in constructing a solid set that gets the crowd going is enough, and you can teach yourself guitar pretty quickly if you actually spend a few hours a day over any one period of time. But to get your music heard, it needs to reverberate with someone’s eardrums that can sense where you are coming from.

What’s your favourite Michael Jackson song?
Smooth Criminal, The bass-line takes us all the way down to Funk City and all we ever want to know is if Annie is ok!

Tell us about the defining moment when you thought ‘I WANT TO BE AN ARTIST?
When we started seeing people come together at our gigs, people who we know don’t like each other, but instead of quarrelling they were just appreciating the atmosphere of the venue, the music and the enjoyment and not wanting to spoil a good time. A trait that rings true when we play, a relief of any stress or anxiousness being relieved, appreciating the crowd enjoying the show we give and a cleansing of the soul. And we can’t see any other option than us being able to cleanse ourselves all day every-day.

Find out more about the boys and listen to more of their tracks on their ePortfolio.

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