Our Mad Rush to Your Creative Future...

The kettle’s on the boil, the buzzer’s going, and I’m clumsily trying to put through a call as the M.E.N ring back for more info on Your Creative Future, our amazing event at The Waterside Arts Centre on the 14th. There’s even multiple packs of Percy Pigs open – truly all systems go.

Hello Noise-ers, I'm Hannah, your technological Forrest Gump who can't operate a phone, and yet is guest blogging for Noise in the run-up to Your Creative Future.Preparations are well under way now for this stellar bill of industry experts and top talents all eager to share their wisdom through workshops and talks full of great career advice and insider knowledge.

Quick refresh on the line up then. ..

We’ve got Ian Livingstone CBE, co-founder of Games Workshop and Creative Director of Eidos, who brought you Lara Croft/ Tombraider. He’s also been given letters after his name by Queenie. 

Ryan Holliday Stevens of Aqua by Aqua shows you don’t have to wait until you get your degree to get started in your dream career; he’ s started Aqua’s own label, (also available on ASOS) and just opened their first shop on Carnaby Street. 

Fashion director and home wares extraordinaire Eva Sonaike will be talking us through the creation of her eponymous label , breaking down all the practical and maybe confusing steps like manufacturing, as well as the nice bits, like seeing your work stocked at Libertys. 

Getting your creative project off the ground can be tricky, so crowd funding websites can be a great way to get the cash together, create a team, and publicise yourself. WeFund is the UK’s biggest crowd-funding platform and CEO Michael Troughton will be on hand to host a workshop on alternative funding through online campaigns. 

Mistress De Funk, previously of Radio 1’s In New DJ’s We Trust and currently to be heard on Unity Radio, will tell of her journey from glamorous Rochdale to ever-so-slightly more glamorous Ibiza (no disrespect, Rochdale). 

Flux magazine has evolved from a teeny tiny Manchester fanzine baby, to print success, and is now joining Noise at the digital forefront of creative media. Their list of collaborators and discoveries is pretty much a who’s who of anyone good at anything ever, and creator and longtime Noise partner Lee Taylor will head up our Q and A, as well as doing a session himself. 

If there’s any creative talent or field left unrepresented by that lot, then you can bet it’s being covered by Alis Pelleschi, multi-talented multi-hyphenate. Beginning as a photographer for fashion bibles like i-D and SuperSuper, she’s also lent her hand to film-making, dabbled in music with Serious Thugs, and set up the brilliant Meat Clothing, a specialist rubber wear label with a clubkids aesthetic that leaves me well jel in my ratty cardigan. 

All our experts are coming because they genuinely want to share with you how to go about doing what they do, or how to do something similar, or in Pelleschi’s case, how to do everything.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, or if I’ve got you even slightly intrigued, come along and join us on March 14. Tickets are here, and we’ve been lovely and done you some directions for getting to the Waterside here. Tell your friends, neighbours, teachers/lecturers (there’s a day out of the classroom in it for you!), and stay up to date with Noise as we reveal more about what’s to come on our Facebook and Twitter.