Seen our stuff? Hashtag it!

Have you been #Win campaign-spotting yet?

NOISE flyers and posters have been making their way around the country, cropping up in Edinburgh, Cardiff and everywhere in between. We’re even pasted up on walls in Germany!

Not to mention, our #Win campaign is gracing big screens nationwide. So six of our wonderful Curators, along with their weapons of choice, could be looming over you (in a totally non-creepy way), as you make your way through your city centres!

If you spot us and our campaign, big screen or cafe window, take a picture, tweet @NOISEfestival #Win with your location and let us know what you think! For extra brownie points, you could even let us know which Curator you’re after and #WinGiles, #WinGrimshaw etc

And remember, there isn't long to go to enter the festival, so get a move on if you’re interested in getting your talent spotted, promoted and developed by some of the biggest names in the creative industries!

Deadline: Sunday 6th July 2014

1. Create a NOISE Portfolio 
2. Upload your best work to your NOISE Portfolio.
3. Submit your work to NOISE Festival 2014 by clicking the big pink “Enter Festival” button.
4. Recognition by the best in the business, media exposure and paid placements.

See our quick how to register/submit guide here 
See our special series of interviews with the NOISE Curators & what they’re looking for here