Sticky Pop: Super Doodler

Illustrator Matt "Sticky Pop" Daniels talks about his journey so far and passes on some tips in the latest video from the NOISE Your Creative Future event.

From his bedroom wall to the BBC to some randomer in Hawaii, Matt Daniels has come a long way in just a few years. The second speaker at the NOISE Your Creative Future event, Matt talks about his journey so far and passes on some tips. You can have a look for yourself at what Matt had to say in the video, but in the meantime, here’s your cheat sheet. 

1. He started out with band tees. 
Matt did some work for local bands, designing their tees and logos, when he was fourteen. Unsure of what to do from then, he found a bit of focus when he came across NOISELAB.

Sticky Pop working

2. Then came the window displays.
In 2010, Matt took over the NOISELAB windows with a bedroom crawling with his fantastical doodles – the kind of stuff dreams are made of. All white everything,  save a door and the super doodles, which were in black, the scene was pretty eye-catching. He also contributed a skateboard,     t-shirt and some canvases, all with  his signature designs on them of course, which could be purchased inside.NOISELAB Bedroom Scene 

NOISELAB Bedroom Scene

3. ‘Squiddles’.NOISELAB Bedroom Scene In memory of his girlfriend Emma, who had passed away, Matt organised ‘Squiddles’. The exhibition showcased work from the likes of Gav Strange and Tado, all  around the theme of cats and sailors - after Emma’s favourite things. The event raised £2000 for Francis House Children’s Hospice and also gained a media  coverage which in turn had people approaching Matt with commissions. 

4. Digital Artist Magazine and building a client-base
Digital Artist Magazine invited Matt to create a “How to Make an Angry Muffin” tutorial in Illustrator. He went on to work with them for two more years. He started working on projects for The Lowry, Murkage, Smart Car, Celestial Recordings and also contributed to the BBC’s information booklets for their employees, for their move to Manchester.

5. Advice from Matt.
Keep your NOISE ePortfolio up to date. It’s how potential employers will find your work and so it’s super important to get your best and most recent stuff up there and out into the world every chance you get.

View the full video here

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Your Creative Future Photo courtesy of Jonathan McGee
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