Thris Tian - What you Need to Know

Here’s our guide to one of the men behind the world’s leading underground music show - Boiler Room TV

I’m sure you’ll have heard of Thris Tian from Boiler Room TV, top DJ and the NOISE Festival 2014 Curator for Entrpise and Underground Music - if so, it's because you’re like totally a super-fan or because we’ve plastered his lovely face all over But how much do you really know about him? 

Watch the full, exclusive interview with Thris Tian here, plus how you can get your talents seen by the man himself - all the info below.

1. He chose enjoyment over money.

Thris Tian has worked a few different jobs in his time, but the first couple never really held his focus, no matter how much he was making. Realising he needed to do something he enjoyed, he applied for any and everything, going onto a musical apprenticeship with Gilles Peterson at Brownswood Recordings.

2. Boiler Room TV was a team effort.


Collaborating with people can make all the difference. Had it have solely been up to him. Thris Tian would have played Jazz from his basement but working with Blaise Belville meant that there were a mixture of ideas and styles, which is what Boiler Room in known for today.

3. He’s had his share of hard times.

Bad things happen, but you can’t sweat them. Thris Tian had his hard drive and work stolen, which lead to the closing of his company and a tonne of money being borrowed. But he learnt from it. Now they always double-lock the door.

4. He gives some pretty great advice.

Don’t compromise what you stand for and who you are for success. He could be a party DJ, but how would he stand out? Do what you love, be unique and don’t worry about crowd pleasing.


1. Create a NOISE Portfolio
2. Upload your best work to your NOISE Portfolio.
3. Enter your work to the festival by clicking the big pink “Submit Your Work” button. 
4. Get recognised by the best in the business, media exposure and paid placements.

Thris Tian will also host an interactive QnA session on Monday 21st April 2014 and you can be one of 8 creatives to ask him a question and get feedback. Simply enter your work into the NOISE Festival 2014 Enterprise/Underground Music category by Monday 14th April to be in the running.

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