A lot has happened since I was last on air...

I've had interviews to prepare for, researched networking groups, started some work with The Scarlet Life – a motorsport, fashion and lifestyle marketing company, and revisited my thoughts on permanently moving to Hong Kong to find work.

Last time, I mentioned I had an interview coming up. How did it go? Well, unfortunately I didn’t get the job as I lacked client facing experience (it was for an assistant consultant role), which for the nature of the position is completely understandable. However, the feedback I received was very positive. The interviewers really liked me, were thoroughly impressed with my presentation and thought my interview performance was great. Since then, I’ve had a couple more interviews which I’m still waiting to hear back from so fingers crossed!

I’ve also spoken to my friend Martin about his experiences of job hunting in Hong Kong. He moved there a year ago after not having any luck in the UK job market either. Since he’s been in Hong Kong he’s had two jobs and now looking to set up a business. He’s also found that it’s not just British graduates making the move over there, but graduates from around the world including America and Canada… Am I missing out on something? I’ve given myself a deadline for getting a job in the UK. If I don’t get anything full time by October 2012 I’m getting on a plane and leaving.

I’ve always dreamt of having a job that involved international travel and if those prospects aren’t looking good, I might as well go internationally for a job instead. In the mean time, I’ve got work with The Scarlet Life to help me towards reaching my goal. So far I’ve done some social media work with them, created a web brief for an upcoming project and talked strategy. There’s more to come and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it as I’ve really enjoyed it so far.