Your Creative Future - Video Roundup #2

Our video re-cap from our Your Creative Future event is all up and online, so get ready to watch and learn!

We’ve heard from the likes of Ian Livingstone CBE, Ryan Holliday Stevens (Aqua by Aqua) and Flux Magazine, among other seasoned industry professionals. Check out the whole series here, or keep reading for sample of all the golden advice we had on offer.
We left off at Lee Taylor from Flux Magazine last time and since then, we’ve had Ryan Holliday Stevens from Aqua by Aqua (who’s frocks have been seen on the likes of Nicole Sherzinger and tweeted about by Rihanna), Alis Pelleschi (Photographer/Film Maker/Fashion Designer), Eva Sonaike (stocked at Liberty London), Michael Troughton (CEO of We Fund on how to fund your creative projects the crowdfunding way) and Ian Livingstone CBE (Eidos, Tomb Raider, Games Workshop). Here’s just a tiny bit of what we’ve learnt so far:

1. Ian wants to bring science and art together

He believes that coding should be introduced into the curriculum, so that kids aren’t just playing games, but can learn how to create them too. This will ensure talented, creative individuals will keep developing digital technology, which will benefit us in a number of ways. 

2. Ryan says you have to be resilient

It’s a rewarding to work in the Fashion industry but it’s a lot of hard work – you’ll be broke and let down and knocked back more times than you can count. But if you’re passionate and hardworking, you’ll do fine. 

3. Eva wants you to know that it’s okay to not have it figured out

Eva has worked all kinds of jobs, in all sorts of industries. She wanted to be a Dance Therapist when she was young and now, after waitressing, internships at magazines and TV producer jobs, she’s started her own interior design brand. She reckons everything she has done has contributed to what she is now and that her varied experience has helped her loads.

4. Alis stresses the importance of utilising the internet

The internet is a nifty tool for building up a following, showcasing your work and being discovered by potential clients/employers. Make sure you use it well. Keep your NOISE portfolio filled out, updated and accessible. You can see how to do this on our “Make the Most of your ePortfolio” blog series.

5. Michael explains the benefits of crowd funding creative projects

Crowd funding is a great tool for funding creatives and not only for individual projects. Not only will you have to think carefully how you can sell your project to get people to give money, but you’ll have evidence of a following and demand for your project. This can be beneficial in Arts Council grant applications as well as for your own self-confidence. 

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