How does NOISE select the work?

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Posted On 13/01/2014

The best work is selected by a panel of leading creative professionals. The 2014 Festival sees Brian Eno (Music), Giles Deacon (Fashion), Clive Barker (Film) and Doc Brown (Comedy) join the ranks, as well as familiar face, Ian Livingstone. Our curators will be selecting their favourite works through spring and in the summer, we’ll be letting you know if you’ve made the line up.
Previous NOISE Festival Curators include; Wayne Hemingway (Design), Peter Saville (Graphics), Stella Vine (Fine Art), Badly Drawn Boy (Music), Zaha Hadid (Architecture), Norman Rosenthal (Fine Art), Warp Films (Moving Image), Tom Dixon for (Product & 3D Design) and James Sommerville for (Graphics & Advertising).

What are the curators looking for?

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