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Posted On 21/03/2018


Lesson plan for topic Progress and Technology (English course for international students, beginner's level):

Good morning!


T: How are you today?


T: That's nice! What devices have you used to prepare your breakfast today?


T: What other devices do you use to make your life easier?


T: I'm sure you are used to taking advantage of such devices. Do you take them for granted?


T: So do I. Let's see how well you know these tools. Try to guess them by the sounds they produce.


1.     a microwave oven


2.     a food processor


3.     a fridge


4.     a hair dryer


5.     a toaster


6.     a washing machine


7.     аn oven


8.     a sewing machine


9.     a vacuum cleaner


10.                        SOS


T: What about this sound? What device produces it?


T: Exactly! That is a Morse telegraph. What word was encoded?


T: Right you are! What is the function of the Morse telegraph?


T: Precisely! What was Morse?


T: Actually, he was a portrait painter, but later together with his companions he invented the first telegraph to produce messages. Is it easy to learn this code? What do you think?


T: Is it easy to decode the messages?


T: Let's try to do it. Your task is to decode the words and put down antonyms to those words. Is the task clear?


T: Let's start.


T: What is the first word? Can you name its antonym?


T: That's correct. The next word is ...

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