What kind of work can I submit?

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Posted On 19/02/2014

How to submit - a step-by-step guide.

There are a number of ways that you can show us your work within the accepted formats of JPEG, TEXT, plus Soundcloud / Bandcamp & YouTube / Vimeo. 
By no means a full-on list, simply  a few examples to help you...

Fine Art / Sculpture / Installation
e.g. a digital copy (photograph or scan) of your work or a photograph of your work on display at any exhibitions you might have taken part in, a video of a performance or moving image piece....

Music / Audio
e.g. embed your audio file from Soundcloud, Mixcloud or Bandcamp or a (good quality) music video/live performance, if you have one....

Fashion / Textiles / Styling
e.g. photographs of your work as it is, or a photo/video of it being modelled on the catwalk, on a mannequin or a real-life human, Scans/ photos of your fashion illustrations...

Architecture / Interior / Landscape
e.g. photos / scans / digital images of plans/ models etc, even moving image to best represent your work...

e.g videos of any events or exhibitions you’ve put on, business models or evidence of successful business, getting an idea off the ground, planning for workshops or seminars or doing them, retail endeavours, , guerrilla marketing, fundraising, promo / marketing – the list is endless – just show us what you’ve done!

e.g. images / videos of your work in print design, branding and logos, mixed media, typography etc…

Spoken Word
e.g.  audio or video of you performing your piece of work, either by yourself or in front of an audience, this could also be a  lyric or recorded radio work...

Comedy (Performing Arts)
e.g. a video of you performing your piece on stage in front of an audience, either as stand up or part of a sketch,or your submission could be part of a comedy script (TV, radio, play etc) that you’ve written, or a proposal for a comedy programme etc...

Games & Interactive
e.g. videos of actual game-play, character and concept design or story ideas, screen shots of code vs. output, screen capture of website’s, interactive projects etc

Advertising (Graphics)
e.g. images of the concept / design or videos.

Moving Image
e.g. actual videos of virals, music vids, trailers, features, docs – you name it!

Print / Zines
e.g images / scans of completed work or visual ideas for zines or comics, graphic novels etc.

Product / Industrial Design 
e.g images of finished products, concepts and ideas for products, videos demonstrating their use...

e.g. um, photos!

Painting / Drawing 
e.g. images, scans, photos of sketches and drawings...

Written Word
e.g. excerpts of fiction or scripts, essays, articles, poems etc…

What are the curators looking for?

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