NOISE Illustration, Graphic Design and Product Expo

52 NOISE artists have their artwork displayed in a month long exhibition curated by Grafik Magazine and Magma

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  • Date
    26 September, 2006
  • Location
    Magma Bookstores, Clerkenwell Road, London

As part of the NOISE Festival 2006 big programme of events, this month-long exhibition, curated by Grafik Magazine and Magma, is an eclectic mix of high-quality illustration, photography and product design. 52 NOISE artists have their artwork displayed in the expo, the youngest being just 17.

The exhibition launch sees visitors queuing around the block to get in, while a NOISE band plays on the top of a car to entertain the crowds.

To make sure people have a little bit of NOISE to take home, we install a Bluetooth app in the gallery that beamed artwork to people’s phones.


  • 150 people attend the launch night, including NOISE Curators Stella Vine and Paul Insect
  • 1,000 visit the exhibition


  • Grafik magazine
  • Computer Arts 
  • Digit Magazine 
  • Edinburgh Evening News
  • Blackpool Gazette
  • Move Magazine

I was very proud to be chosen to take part in the Magma Exhibition through NOISE. Only last year as a student I was browsing that store and totally in awe of everyone and everything in it. This year my work will be part of it!”

NOISE artist Vicki Gausden

Well, it kicked off last night! Having only ever been to Magma in Manchester and not knowing who else was going to be in this exhibition, I really didn’t know what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect to be confronted at dead on 6.30pm with a queue stretching way out of the shop and down the road!For the first hour or so it was so busy it was a mission to even see any of the artwork! What was cool though was that it seemed to be mostly young artists and people that were actually interested and not just fakers just doing the scenester thing. A top night.

Andrew Tunney, NOISE Artist chosen for the exhibition by Magma

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