Creative Futures

At NOISE Creative Futures we invite the best in the business to meet over 500 of the country’s most talented young creatives.

  • Type
    Portfolio Review
  • Date
    18 November, 2008
  • End Date
    19 November, 2008
  • Location
    Town Hall, Manchester

NOISE Creative Futures is one the biggest and unique creative career events Manchester has ever seen. Dubbed as an ‘Alternative Career Fair’ void of any trestle tables or sports halls, we invite the best in the business to meet over 500 of the country’s most talented young creatives.

The 2 day, free networking event provides loads of showcase and portfolio review opportunities for young artists to gain exclusive, no-nonsense one-to-one advice about their work, practice and future from leading industry professionals, high profile artists and in-demand creative companies from across the Creative Industries.

Located in the stunning Great Hall of Manchester’s Gothic Town Hall, we also host an open mic Urban Music battle with NOISE Curator Bless Beats, creative discussions, debates and workshops with Amelia’s Magazine, Mr Scruff DJ & tea brand, Babycakes t-shirts and social networking phenomenon, producer Johnny Jay and Radio 1 Extra’s Heartless Crew with Roll Deep. There are also  live evening music performances, with Badly Drawn Boy performing alongside his Curator’s Choice band JJ Rosa, a catwalk mash-up show by Dr Noki’s NHS fashion label, live blogging, media exposure and a mini-festival campsite with customised tents displaying artwork from top NOISE talents.

We bring in over 30 stellar creative and media organisations including MTV, BBC, Independent on Sunday, Big Active, Warp Films, Badly Drawn Boy, Graham & Brown, SuperSuper Magazine, Hemingway Design, The Neighbourhood, NOKI, Comma Press and Hyères Festival panellists. We also offer a legal surgery with Pannone.

Each portfolio review, performance and debate is streamed live online and we are one of the first charities to cover our event live on Twitter. 

Career changing moments

  • 180 one-to-one sessions with leading industry professionals
  • Jobs secured at the event with MTV, Graham & Brown, SuperSuper Magazine and SZ Magazin expressing interest in artists from various creative categories.
  • NOISE Architecture curator Zaha Hadid Architects confirms placements for all of her selected NOISE artists.
  • The Independent on Sunday’s Art Director circulates a list of NOISE Design and Illustration artists amongst colleagues from other daily newspapers. 
  • Big Life Music Management takes on a NOISE musician to represent.


  • BBC TV North West Tonight
  • The Guardian Guide
  • Metro newspaper
  • Manchester Evening News
  • Manchester Urban Life Magazine
  • City Life online
  • Visit Manchester website
  • Open Culture website
  • Electronic Beats website
  • Itchy Manchester website


I am a 22 year old freelance graphic designer, and I recently attended the 'NOISE Creative Futures’ in Manchester '08. From meeting Paul Wilkinson (creative director of MTV), I have been offered a 3 month internship.I’m looking forward to starting my internship on the 1st April. I thought I should let you guys know, because it’s all thanks to NOISE that this has all come about!

Eve Entwhistle, NOISE Artist

I loved the tents, so young people could display their creativity in their own environment of their own creation. People had travelled so far to get feedback on their work. It showed me that there was very much a need for this outside of the education system. I think it’s just really important to encourage innovation and creativity, and to have places where people who don’t fit in at school can hear about other possibilities... and not to kid them that it’s easy, but to show them some possibilities of being self sufficient too, the DIY aesthetic.

Stella Vine, NOISE 2006 Curator

 The advice Stella Vine gave to me was extremely useful, she told me ways of entering the industry without having any formal qualifications. It was such a great event and it has really given me the confidence to be able to show my artwork and to talk to people about the meaning behind it. It’s also given me so many more opportunities, and ways to get into the Creative Industry that I would never have gotten without joining NOISE. Thanks for such a great day.

Antonia Bannister, NOISE Curator Choice for Fine Art

 Getting to talk to Zaha Hadid Architects was brilliant, and the format allowed you to ask them anything you wanted to know and get their feedback. This is an opportunity that would not be possible in almost any other context. I am a huge fan of NOISE Festival. There is nothing else out there that can offer so much to people starting out in the Creative Industries. It provides an opportunity to talk to individuals and companies that are at the top of their game, regardless of discipline. And you are also able to talk to your peers, who have been recognised by the NOISE Festival curators. Meeting other people who are at a similar stage and getting to see excellent work regardless of discipline was really very inspiring.

Scott Jarvie, NOISE Curator Choice for Architecture & Creative Futures Camper

The live streaming was very good! I saw the Mr. Scruff and BabyCakes debate which was very interesting and also I watched some of the urban performances. The schedule was very easy to navigate and there was plenty of diversity to keep me entertained.

Greg Jackson, NOISE Musician based in Tokyo, Japan

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Manchester City Council