NOISE Festival 2008 Press and VIP Launch

We open our second NOISE Festival ‘Call for Submissions’ at a special event at 11 Downing Street

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  • Date
    1 February, 2008
  • Location
    11 Downing Street, London

This special event officially opens our second NOISE Festival’s ‘Call for Submissions’, exclusively from the regal surroundings of 11 Downing Street.

Bang next door to the Prime Ministers house, we nominate 12 NOISE 2006 artists as Young Cultural Ambassadors who network and schmooze with invited folk from Government, funding bodies, sponsors and industry pros, including Alistair Darling Chancellor of the Exchequer, Andy Burnham then Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Yvette Cooper, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, NOISE Curators Wayne Hemingway, Zaha Hadid, Badly Drawn Boy, Stella Vine, Danny Brown, Norman Rosenthal; industry professionals including White Cube Gallery’s Tim Marlow, British Council, Arts Council, DCMS, London Development Agency, NWDA, Open University, Cultural Olympiad  2012 and BT. Press attendance includes Sky TV, The Independent and The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Manchester’s Vengeance Crew becomes the first Grime act to perform in Downing Street.

Just before the swanky do, a bunch of NOISE artists are involved in a ‘creative protest’ photo shoot in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square, with their artwork printed onto placards. 


  • BBC TV London evening news – live broadcast
  • BBC TV North West evening & breakfast News
  • Manchester Evening News
  • The Independent
  • Blueprint
  • Design Week
  • Regionals - Barnsley Chronicle Newspaper, BBC Stoke 

...too much is still based on who you know, do you know someone who works in the music industry or have you got a contact. It should be much easier for people to burst onto the scene and this is what is all about.

Andy Burnham, then Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and MP for Leigh

I watched a section of the News the other day about the do at 11 Downing Street and almost felt part of it all; I would love to help out as much as I can to promote NOISE 2008.

Chris Dent, NOISE 2006 artist

Guess who gave a speech in Downing Street? Yes that’s right kids, I did. And I had to stop half way through cause I was overcome with emotion. It was seriously unbelievable. You stand there in a room full of people you read about in Frieze with your expensive wine that you actually really ENJOY drinking and it hits you... I can actually make a difference, I mean a big difference. Look at all these people who believe in me. Massive thanks to Art friends, submit your work and wait for what happens. It's these people’s job to give you the exposure you deserve.

Leah Capaldi, NOISE Artist

Supported by

The Treasury