Hear No Evil Speak No Evil: CD and Book Launch

The best work from the Hear No Evil See No Evil workshops were included in a specially released CD and Book, showcased at the launch event in the NOISELAB.

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  • Date
    30 September, 2010
  • Location
    NOISELAB, Manchester

During August Bank Holiday 2010, the NOISELAB held Mind on Fire and 158 collective’s creative workshops. As a result of this work, the 'Hear no evil see no evil' launch event showcased the cd and book.

This dedicated evening showcase sees contributors and project leaders of the Youth In Action-funded project, in addition to the press wishing to cover the launch of both products.

Over 250 people attend the free event, which features an array of upcoming Manchester based DJ’s, and the first play of the Hear No Evil See No Evil compilation CD in full. The event is a great opportunity for young creatives from across the region to network and create a plethora of further collaboration opportunities.

The event and preceding workshops are funded by the EU’s Youth in Action programme, which has been secured by the NOISE Charity. 

Photos by Joe Smith.

Supported by

 Youth in Action