Art of Protest: Finalists Exhibition - Launch

Exhibition launch with very special guest speakers

  • Type
    Talk / Launch / Exhibition
  • Date
    25 April, 2013
  • End Date
    25 April, 2013
  • Location
    People's History Museum, Manchester, M3 3ER presents The Art Of Protest: finalists Exhibition

With guest speakers Mark Thomas, Deputy Leader of Manchester city Council Cllr sue murphy, cllr amina lone, art of protest contributor rezwana ahmed, plus tours of the exhibition

Mark Thomas, comedian and activist attended the NOISE Art of Protest: Finalists exhibition launch at the People’s History Museum on 25th April 2013.
Compiler of ‘The People’s Manifesto’, a collection of alternative political policies submitted via his stand-up shows, Mark says of the ‘Art Of Protest’:



Mark Thomas image“Our lives are shaped by protest: That we can vote, join a trade union and attend A and E are the direct result of campaigning and protest, indeed the fact that most of us can read these words is due to others fighting on our behalf.
In a time of austerity, cuts and scapegoats protest has a more urgent need but it is always worth remembering that protest can be artful, creative and inspiring. It should go against the grain. It should challenge not just authority and power but ourselves too. Dissent is beautiful.
Happy to be a tiny part of this.”



NOISE Art Of Protest: Finalists Exhibition at the People’s History Museum Manchester, showcases the best submissions to by over 80 emerging artists worldwide.
The final pieces selected by Curator Joshua Blackburn from ethical communications agency Provokateur ranging from sculpture to crafts, covering a variety of subjects from historical protest; such as the miners’ strike of 1984, through to environmental concerns and current political issues; including placards, a quilt, and an anti-aircraft missile launcher constructed of household objects.
These are exhibited alongside some of the original ‘Masters’ work. The exhibition also has space for visitors to display their own protest art alongside that of the established and emerging talent.

Launched in October 2011 as the NOISE charity’s direct response to the national youth riots in 2011, ‘NOISE Re-Masters’ challenged young people to demonstrate their protests through peaceful, creative methods. The brief included ‘Masters’ work of key protest art to inspire participants, including Banksy, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Gillian Wearing, Joseph Beuys & Thomas Peiter, Billy Bragg, Katharine Hamnett's anti-pershing missile T-shirt co-opting Margaret Thatcher, Ed Hall and Stella Vine.

For more information about the NOISE Art of Protest project see here