NOISE Art of Protest: The MMUnion Edition

Exclusive to MMU students, partnered with Manchester Metropolitan University’s Student Union for the latest AOP edition.

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    12 November, 2012
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    13 November, 2012
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 Art fo protest banner noise partnered with Manchester Metropolitan University’s Student Union to launch the NOISE Art of Protest project and exhibition. As part of the current NOISE Art of Protest project and touring exhibition, NOISE and MMUnion exclusively invited MMU students to get involved and be in with a chance of getting their Protest Art showcased in venues across Manchester, alongside Protest Art greats such as iconic street artist Banksy, activist singer songwriter Billy Bragg and John Lennon & Yoko Ono.

As a response to the upcoming NUS Student Demonstration (21st November) NOISE Art of Protest challenged students to use their creativity to voice their beliefs and take inspiration from the most iconic demonstration pieces from the last 50 years.


The non-violent Occupy Wall Street ‘pop-up festival’ protest, inspired by the “Arab Spring”, got more press in the UK as the riots. It shows that you don’t have to use violence to get your message across. If all that the next generation of protesters are remembered for is a national, guerrilla supermarket-dash, then they’ve failed. You have to find the means to both capture the media’s attention and gain the average voter’s sympathies. Remember Swampy? People loved him. Everyone knows Banksy, parents, teachers etc. even bankers buy his work.

It's important to remember that everyone has a voice; Art of Protest is a great idea in showing effective ways in how our thoughts, opinions can be listened to through creative means.
Gillian Wearing, Turner-Prize Winner, Art of Protest Master

It’s important for you to exercise your right to protest. You’re the engine of the economy, the next labour force, the new start-ups, the present workers pension providers. So with a million 18-24 year olds unemployed in the UK and opportunities that were there for our parents gone, all this will be ignored unless you act to demonstrate the problems you face, and get support from decision makers, parents and peers.

We’re showing you what’s been done before and challenging you to do something equal or better, be it a happening, installation, painting, fashion piece, song, photo or drawing – what really captures your protest issues?

The Exhibition

NOISE Art of Protest: The MMUnion Edition was the latest stop for the successful NOISE Art of Protest touring exhibition (Roundhouse London, Manchester City Centre…).

NOISE Art of Protest project highlights the art of positive and peaceful protest, the exhibition includes work from leading international artists such as Banksy, Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing, Stella Vine, banner maker Ed Hall, Katharine Hamnett’s anti-pershing missile T-shirt protest to Margaret Thatcher, lyrics from top, UK singer songwriter Billy Bragg and leading German artist Joseph Beuys and Thomas Peiter; in addition to leading protest pieces by the best of Europe’s emerging creative talent from the arts portfolio site  The exhibition also includes the NOISE Charity’s positive response to the 2011 youth riots with an international photo compilation from young people in Berlin, Madrid, Valencia and Manchester who declare their personal protest issues in the style of Gillian Wearing’s ‘Signs that Say What You Want Them to Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You to Say.’ (1992–3).

The exhibition has received international media acclaim from big media names such as the BBC and The Guardian and Dazed and Confused.

Exclusive to NOISE Art of Protest: The MMUnion Edition, the exhibition showcased a selection of protest pieces from the collection of Ultimate Holding Company, a Manchester-based visual art collective, engaged in design practice and social activism.

A panel consisting of members from the Charity, MMUnion and MMU selected the best pieces for the MMUnion exhibition.

Additionally, all work that was uploaded to this call out was included in an exclusive NOISE Art of Protest: The MMUnion Edition online gallery, as well as the national, NOISE Art of Protest project that gives students the chance to have their work exhibited at the NOISE Art of Protest final showcase exhibition at The People’s History Museum in 2013.


You can still take part in the NOISE Art of Protest project and submit your creative demonstration pieces. Simply head here for more.

The NOISE Art of Protest project deadline is 31st December 2012. Why not create something in response or at the student demonstration?