Jude Biddulph

The Product Curator and his chosen talent

Jude Biddulph - Suck UK

Jude Biddulph is a Central Saint Martin’s alumni who, alongside his partner Sam Hurt, started up the award-winning product company SUCK UK in 1999. But before the “Drumstick Pencils”, “Sun Jar” and “Salt & Pepper ‘Bots”, they were broke. Between dead -end day jobs and the brief stints on budget films, television shows and interior work, they slaved away through the night to produce their unique gift items designed with a cheeky sense of humour. 

Having represented British Design on the BBC, they gained the confidence to start their own business and they turned to the Prince’s Trust for financial aid before launching SUCK UK at Mode in 2000. Moving out of the kitchen and into a disused embassy building, they got their first “studio” . However a late night eviction put a spanner in the works and  they also lost valuable prototypes and materials. Sam and Jude realised that they would need a real studio, which is currently located in Bethnal Green in the same building as their warehouse and workshop.

Now, with an online store, two flagship stores in London and thousands of stockists the world over, the SUCK UK brand has come a long way from the kitchen floor of the North London bedsit they started it in.