Cold Matters

Curator's Choice

aaron francis, 23

A piece of art

Originally from Sheffield, Aaron is a Huddersfield University photography graduate and works as a freelance artist and commercial photographer for an international engineering company based in West Yorkshire.

Aaron’s work is driven by an underlying social-political context; he adds “I don’t want my work to be a picture on a wall. The process is more important, the final piece isn’t everything.”

Aaron’s mixed media installation piece “Cold Matters” explores the ongoing decline of Britain’s industrial heritage. Set up as a live “laboratory” he uses industrial techniques to transform archive images of out-of-work steel workers into molten photographs. These images are poured onto the ground to form metal sculptures and illuminated by suspended, light bulbs, programmed to flash by converting the original photo into “digital” code. Arron’s unconventional photography project creates a powerful memorial to the disappearing metal industry.

With ambitions to be a full-time visual artist, Aaron’s influences range from his own experiences of Western society and British culture to artists who use photography in unusual ways including Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin's with ‘The Day Nobody Died’, Simon Starling, Mat Collishaw, Christian Boltanksi and Stephen Gill.

Aaron found out about NOISE after a member of the Team saw his work at an exhibition, he said “I thought it sounded like a great opportunity to showcase, possibly collaborate with other artists. And I suppose, to win too!”

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Cold Matters