Katie Down

Curator's Choice

Liam Fawcett, 25

A piece of art

Liam, originally from Manchester  is a photographer, filmmaker and musician based in London. He studied Photography before leaving in the 3rd year, “The university was just a business to me and the tutors taught that there was only one way of doing things.” That being said, Liam can see a positive, “This experience made me more determined to be creative”.

Liam’s selected photo ‘Katie Down’ shows his two friends post-argument, where one’s tugging at the other not to leave. This image is a perfect example of Liam’s gritty, realism photography, documenting his everyday life with his friends and family.

In 2010 Liam volunteered at NOISE’s pop-up shop NOISELAB, where he also exhibited his honest portraits of his life with young Travellers and their families in Hackney

Liam’s influences include US experimental hip-hop band Death Grips, and Mark E Smith post-punk band The Fall. When describing his work, Liam says “I try not to think about my practice, I forget and neglect film that I’ve shot and come back to it later. I don’t plan what I’m going to do, originality comes from discovery”

Currently working part-time in a pub to sustain his creative practice, Liam’s set his sight on a career beyond his camera, “My Dream Job is to be a full-time musician; it’s a much more of an expressive medium than photography”

Liam first found out about NOISE when he volunteered at NOISE’s 2010 pop-up free arts school NOISELAB, and was then invited to exhibit his photography series of his traveller family

Katie Down

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