Little Duckling

Curator's Choice

Angela brownsey, 22

Hampshire-born Angela Brownsey is a Brunel University Product Design graduate. Before that at Godolphin School in Salisbury she found herself the only student on the creative course, “I had use of all the equipment and the chance to experiment!”.

Her selected piece “Little Duckling” is a breastfeeding aid for children with cleft palates, one of the most common facial defects. Infants who suffer from it are unable to breastfeed. Angela explains that mums can get disappointed when they can’t have this experience “this can affect their supply when producing milk and can have a negative effect on the mother and child bond” she adds. Angela’s product aims to aid this feeding process, benefiting both mother and child and reducing stress levels.

She describes her creative process as hand-on and consumer-based, she explains “It’s really all about what they want, so every step of the way I get feedback from my prototypes. The good thing about that is how brutally honest they can be, it helps the refinement!

Currently not in work, Angela’s Dream Job is to go into medical design, she adds “or technical apparel, like for extreme weather, something like that!”

Angela found out about NOISE on Google. She explains why she got involved “It was a combination of “Oh… why not!” and "I liked how NOISE was so broad in its entries across all different categories.”

Little Duckling

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