Sound Pegs

Best in Show

Nick brennan, 24

Belfast-born Nick is a at Camberwell University 3D design graduate, following a Central St Martins art foundation course. Currently working in a pub, Nick would love to open his own design studio.

His chosen piece “Sound Pegs” is an innovative device that lets the user turn anything into an instrument. First, the pegs are attached to different objects. When the user drums on the object a sound is triggered into computer software. This nifty pegs mean you can create a drum kit from pots and pans, a piano from shoes, or any instrument from anything you have lying around!

Nick is inspired by modernist furniture design, Bauhaus and German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He’s also a huge music fan which fuels his creative drive “I collect and play instruments of all types. I like my work to be interactive for people to play around with”.

Nick found out about NOISE after receiving an email from the team who saw his work at his degree show. “I went to to have a look and it seemed a great opportunity. Not to mention the big names of curators too!

Sound Pegs

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