Publicity Materials

Discover the creatives behind our marketing materials

Spotted a cracking bit of artwork on one of our flyers or posters?
Well, you'd be glad to know we like to keep things local round these parts and only select the best home-grown NOISE Talent to adorn our publicity materials.

We love to shout about the top stuff we're doing to support emerging creatives and  the fantatsic creative types that we support. So, this is our two-pronged approach to achieveing those two goals in one fell swoop. Cunning, no?

NOISE Festival 2014 Flyer

(pictured above) A lovely bit of print to let you know a little bit more about NOISE and that the 2014 Festival is now open for submissions!


VEGA WANG-- ‘Into The Deep’

KIMI TAYLER -- ‘The Class’

EMILY HATCHER -- ‘Unannounced Incidents’



MARK O BRIEN -- ‘Cardboard Chicken’

CIARA CLARKE-- Accessory Design


LIAM CARTER -- ‘Old People Hate Us’

KATIE LOW-- ‘Circus City’


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