Hijack Radio

‘Hijack Radio’ follows a group of young urban music artists for a week of intensive workshops with Radio 1Xtra’s Heartless Crew

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    Documentary / TV / Workshop
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‘Hijack Radio’ is part of a series of youth-led television documentaries. It follows a group of young urban music artists who are offered studio time, media tools and promotional know-how to get their tracks on air. A week of intensive workshops with an experienced BBC Radio 1 Producer and Radio 1Xtra’s Heartless Crew includes:

  • Designing and writing promotional CD's, press releases and biographies
  • Packaging of materials
  • Composing issues, such as dynamics and structure of songs for a radio edit
  • Getting an online presence
  • Music Industry issues such as rights, clearance and copyright
  • Studio sessions to improve existing tracks

By the end of a busy week in Gorse Hill studio, the young music artists have improved their tracks to a suitable standard for radio airplay. NOISE arranges live showcases for some of the artists, with interviews and live performances on BBC Radio 1Xtra. For the final part of the project, the group are given the opportunity to meet Ras Kwame at Radio 1 headquarters in London to get feedback on their track and promo package.

The young artists involved in the project include Angel, KT Forrester and Vengeance Crew. The artists were selected by Manchester community music organisations such as Gorse Hill, Cultural Music Fusion Stuff and Urban Superstarz Competition.

The artist journey from workshop to BBC airplay is filmed and distributed by Urban Canyons. The ‘Hijack Radio’ documentary has since been bought by Teachers TV, Community Channel as well as VoD channels Babelgum and Toyota’s urban music offering ‘Scion’. The film includes an interview with the late, new-music aficionado Tony Wilson.

'Wanna thank u on behalf of the Collective for everything - plz let us know about any more workshops and projects. More than happy to participate!'

Vengeance Crew