NOISE Visual Elements

NOISE artists Vs. the world’s best designers & street artists.

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Launching as part of the exclusive line up of special branded projects that make up the NOISE Festival 2006, NOISE Visual Elements is an opportunity for NOISE artists to collaborate with some of the world’s finest designers and street artists, including the NOISE Curators Peter Saville, Wayne Hemingway, Insect and Daniel Brown, as well as Pete Fowler, Marok of LoDown magazine and Boris Hopek of the Vauxhall "Come On" advert.

27 recognised artists donated a digital element, which is available to NOISE talent to download from the website to create an original composition, with no limit on the numbers of Visual Elements that can be used. The only requirement is to incorporate the Visual Elements into a new piece of work.

'Thanks to everyone at the NOISE Festival for all their hard work. My participation in NOISE has already led to some fantastic experiences and a wealth of exposure! In terms of promotion, exposure and opportunities, NOISE is by far the most rewarding event I have ever been involved in! There is some amazing talent out there and it’s great to be made aware of it! I am currently working on a website about my art. My motivation levels have gone through the roof! NOISE Festival gave me a needed boost!'

Scott Donohue, NOISE Visual Elements Winner


'The best submissions are published as an 8-page spread in DIGIT magazine (now known as Digital Arts Magazine), with a special artist feature included on a DVD, given away free with the magazine.

The overall winners Scott Donohue, Ash Spurr and Ricky Blake get the Adobe Creative Suite Software worth £1000 – to help produce future works of art. In 2008 Scott is invited to act as ‘Youth Culture Ambassador’ at the NOISE 2008 Launch, held at 11 Downing Street.

There are two of my elements that have been used on the website, the prawn and the zebra. I’m so glad to see that all those talented people have used them to do all those amazing compositions, mixing my characters with different artists.'

Dani Buch, Elements Donator & Street Artist, Barcelona



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