Raw Creatives 2008

The 2008 Raw Creatives series grants no-holds barred access to the NOISE Curators’ workplaces

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    TV / Radio / Project / Documentary
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Adding another string to our bow, NOISE creates original youth programmes for TV and radio stations across the world.

NOISE Raw Creatives is a series of TV documentaries, which sets the record straight on the state of creativity across Europe, by featuring exclusive interviews with NOISE Curators and profiles of the very best up-and-coming creative talent from that NOISE Festival year. NOISE partners with big media-types to broadcast the series across the world, giving emerging artists a huge international platform to showcase their talent.

NOISE gets no-holds barred access to the NOISE Curators' (Zaha Hadid, Noki, Sir Norman Rosenthal, Badly Drawn Boy, Bless Beats, James Sommerville, and Greg Burne) workplaces, including busy studios and backrooms, right where the magic happens. On the way, NOISE visits the homes of selected NOISE artists to find out their influences and their creative processes.

The documentary’s production team is assisted by a junior crew made up of NOISE artists, who gain valuable on-the-job TV production skills. The NOISE Raw Creatives soundtrack features the best music submissions uploaded to NOISE Festival 2008.

NOISE is all about demystifying the process of getting a career in the creative industries. Through NOISE Raw Creatives, we inspire the next generation of budding creative talent by showing the career journeys of both the globally acclaimed and emerging creative superstars.

NOISE Raw Creatives 2008 is filmed and distributed by Urban Canyons, and broadcast on BBC Big Screens.

Artists Featured

The Soundtrack

Compiled and mixed by No Fakin DJ’s:

  • 1968 Skylab Mission
  • Bubbz
  • Danny Fontaine
  • Doodie Boy
  • D-Rydah
  • Fish
  • Lady MJ
  • More for Caution
  • Nightbreaker
  • The Jessie Rose Trip
  • The Fennel Seeds
  • The Skinless Finger