"The most ambitious co-production with the BBC since our move to Media City"

Billed as ‘the most ambitious co-production with the BBC since our move to Media City’, NOISE worked with BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drive show and Wise Buddah over 4 months (February – May 2012) to create a series of ground-breaking radio programmes, examining the real barriers facing the growing number of young under and unemployed people in the UK. The programme was based on an original idea by the NOISE Charity.

Each month, when the latest UK unemployment figures were released, we delved beyond the 2D statistics depicted in the mainstream media by giving an international voice to the young people, now feeling the burden of a recession they didn't create.

The group of 4 young Northerners were live on BBC radio each month, either at the new BBC studios at MediaCityUK, Salford, or in London. In the last show of the series, each of our young people presented their own manifesto for change, broadcast in May 2012, live to Government’s Employment minister Chris Grayling.

This has been the best collaboration from any commissioning round 5 live has had over the last few years. To put together three different partners, two of them from outside the BBC, to pull off such an ambitious project on prime time national radio, really is something both 5 live and BBC North as a whole should celebrate.
Jonathan Wall, Deputy Editor & Commissioning Editor Radio, 5 Live

NOISEfestival.com represents thousands of young creatives under 30. Our main ethos is to listen to the concerns of the young people we work with, developing projects to address their issues, and partnering with leading media groups to highlight problems to a wide, national audience and policy-makers. We feel this commission offered a unique view of the obstacles faced by thousands of young and jobless people in the UK.