The Programme

Young and Jobless: First-hand accounts from 4 young unemployed voices highlight the cold facts of being young and out of work.

First-hand accounts came from 4 young unemployed voices: Danielle (County Durham), Richie (Newcastle), Karen (Mansfield) and Craig (Wigan), each with different barrier to employment, to highlight the cold facts of being young and out of work.

On their journeys NOISE paired them with successful business leaders, who mentored their passage to employment. We also heard them speak to their peers from across the world that had been affected by the economic downturn, and Ed Milliband MP about his plans to tackle youth unemployment.

NOISE was one of the first charities to work together with BBC 5Live to create a live documentary.

'This is an excellent partnership between Radio 5 live, Wise Buddah and Noise Festival. The economy – and in particular the problems faced by those without jobs – are really important issues for the Drive audience but rarely are we able to hear from individuals in such detail.  The ongoing experiences of Richie, Danielle, Karen and Craig are proving of great interest to our listeners, and really helping us explain the story.'

Jonathan Crawford, Editor of 5 live Drive

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