Art of Protest: NOISE Artists

The NOISE Artists involved in the Art of Protest touring exhibition 2011 - 2012

The following artists were handpicked from here, the portfolio website, to be included in the series of exhibitions that have toured the country for the NOISE Art of Protest project.

Amy Grinsted's People Hate You
People Hate You

This piece of work is one of a series of five inspired by the Egyptian Revolution, which featured a series of demonstrations, marches and labour strikes in January 2011. Ami’s series of work focuses on the protestors themselves and tells their story, hand-sewn on a wooden or metal surface.


Englands Glory - Craig Atherton
England’s Glory

Craig’s piece highlights the expenses scandal in 2010. Within a list of expenses claimed was a 57p box of matches. After researching match boxes he says, “It seemed fitting to use an 'England’s Glory' match box, swapping imagery around to create something that asks questions and provokes thoughts.”


Emma Richardson's Not The Last Supper
Not the Last Supper

Emma’s work commentates on current affairs. She says, “My work is inspired by the relentless progress of newsfeeds, where important events are quickly pushed aside when something more interesting comes along. I combine this with a love of observation of people and everyday life to create my imagery.”  


Michele Coxon's Ai WeiWei
Ai Weiwei

Michele’s piece is a porcelain sculpture of the artist Ai Weiwei, who this year was imprisoned by the Chinese authorities. The schoolbag represents his work "Remembering".  He visited Sichuan, China after the earthquake where many of the schools had collapsed. Scattered among the ruins were the backpacks that belonged to the children that died. He was arrested and beaten for trying to find out who was responsible for the high death rate. The surveillance camera, created in marble, represents the Chinese government watching its people.



Neil Conley's Snow GlobalSnow Global

A series of snow globes created in response to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, 2010. Of his work Neil says, “The series is shaped by a number of key principles; the snow globes embody the throw-away, novel plastic gifts that have become one of the oil industries many parasites - whilst in the same breath, act as a warped preservation of the wildlife affected by the spill and its inherent beauty.” Each globe contains a hand carved miniature of a species directly affected by the disaster. The miniatures sit atop a spun copper plinth set on a pedestal of synthetic stone.  For each Globe sold, 18% percent of the sale price is donated to the ongoing clean-up in the region.

 Satoru Kusakabe's Street View Vandalizer

Street View Vandalizer

With this piece Satoru asks ‘Is Google God of the Internet?’. The piece uses a physical digital spray can that enables users to graffiti Google street view graphically. The image is then uploaded onto Google maps at the same location. Satoru adds, “This is a possibility of what product design could do against digital world.” Satoru is currently looking for web developers to build the prototype.



Stephanie Parnell's Democracy Village
Democracy Village

Stephanie was in Parliament Square London on the 27th of  May 2011, 2 days after the Queen’s visit, when Brian Haw Haw was arrested, Haw was the first to set up camp in June 2001 in a one-man protest against war and foreign policy. Of the photo Stephanie adds “There was a heavy police presence this day, more than usual because of what had happened. There was a growing conflict with the protestors and the police. The arrest of Haw only intensified this.”


Lisa Ma's Heathrow Heritage
‘Heathrow Heritage’

‘Heathrow Heritage' is a series of excursions run as a cooperation where activists, historians and residents with the assistance of the airport deacon, take stranded passengers for bike tours around the ancient villages under threat from airport expansion. The project investigates the separation of visitors passing through and local residents who are rarely in direct contact with the airport. Lisa says “It’s an activity that brings two disparate communities together and leaves entertaining and memorable experiences for the passengers and a new form of activism for the protesters.”

Bastards At The Banks by Jack Kirtley


‘Bastards at The Bank’

 ‘The human race does not need fictitious evils, we have enough to be wary of.’



Rosie Sorrell's Actions Speak Louder Than Words

‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’

An expression of current realities and idealism expressed through common phrase, use of language and context. 



Mark OBrien's Cardboard Laptop. Photo by Liam Carter
‘Cardboard Laptop’

Mark’s innovative, life-size  sculptures are created entirely out of cardboard. His past work includes full suits of armour, drum kits and items of clothing.


Liam Carter's  Manchester Protest
Manchester protests

Liam is a talented young photographer from Manchester.


Lucia Zapata's Madrid Protest photogrphy
Madrid protests

Lucia is a multi-skilled photographer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and DJ from Madrid.





Sebastian Heise's Berlin protest photography

Berlin Protests

Sebastian currently lives and works in Berlin




Marta Julve's Valencia Protest photos
Valencia Protests

Marta is an accomplished photographer, film maker, magazine editor and artist from Valencia  


Platform 8
There Won’t be Work...

Platform 8, Design Products, Royal College of Art, London





Be in with a chance to get your Protest Art exhibited at the People's History Museum in 2013. Take inspiration from the Masters of Protest Art, with NOISE Art of Protest here.