Lottie Roue

"There's definitely a need for NOISE; NOISE is far more accessible than anything similar..."

For more of Lottie's work: NOISEfestival.com/user/Lottie-Roue

I just think it was a worthwhile experience taking part and getting to meet some more professionals in the industry, any advice/acknowledgement is a good thing. -Lottie on her NOISE experience.

"The design of the font is strong, it’s really simple, it’s got a hand drawn feel to it but the way she has reproduced it and presented it is really intriguing and quite different. She’s printed it onto a tea towel so it’s like seeing a font and you don’t normally associate seeing a tea towel with type so I think that’s quite an interesting way." -James Somerville (Attik Design) NOISE curator for Graphic Design