Mark O'Brien

“Working for NOISE is a fantastic experience. I can't think of anything I needed more after university then an opportunity to show my work. "

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How? Walked into the NOISELAB

It's amazing that NOISE is able to provide those opportunities to young creatives. For myself, a really high point was having my work shown not only in a window display but also on BBC North West Tonight. To create work for Greater Manchester Police's domestic abuse campaign was a fantastic opportunity and I can't help but mention it whenever I'm explaining my work to people!"

"I first got involved with NOISE through the NOISELAB. I saw that there was a call for submissions to the LAB which was selling artists’ work and I had to give it a go! I'd just finished university and had a lot of my cardboard sculpture left gathering dust and I really wanted to continue with the work I'd been doing. NOISE offered me the perfect opportunity to build upon my work through 2 window displays.

It's helped me a huge amount. I'm much more confident pushing forward with my cardboardy work and have set up my own business to concentrate on creating my cardboard objects and displays. Having my work displayed and often praised helped me see that I can really make something of it. I also learned a lot about working for a client by doing these two displays, which I think is absolutely vital in an industry where each artist may have to take a different approach to selling and creating work around the client's needs.” - Mark

since noise

"Now, I'm set up as a sole trader. I'm aiming to provide craft workshops around building objects out of cardboard, I'm hoping to work on more window displays or shop displays and I'm looking to make bespoke items for any purpose. I'm very excited about the future and I know that NOISE has really helped me to get to this stage." -Mark


  • Most successful Window display at NOISELAB
  • Commissioned by Greater Manchester Police to design an Anti-violence campaign NOISELAB window
  • NOISE Art of Protest exhibition (Manchester & London)
  • NOISELAB window displays featured on BBC News.
  • NOISE Art of Protest Finalists exhibition for 3 months at The People’s History Museum, Manchester. Launched by comedian Mark Thomas.
  • Paid commissions and workshops via NOISE in 2014.
  • Bury NOISE pop-up shop main window display.
  • Invited to talk about his career to date at the NOISE Your Creative Future’ conference – on the same bill as Ian Livingstone CBE. 
  • Presentation about his career and NOISE involvement to inspire emerging creatives with Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, plus possible workshops with Wigan Youth Zone.


Mark runs his own businesses making  cardboard creations for clients such as Schuh (with window display on London’s Oxford Road), RSPCA and including a replica Mini Cooper in Japanese shopping mall. Plus, by his own admission often makes pieces in his own time simply for the pure cardboardy enjoyment of it.