Tom Goodfellow

“NOISE is something that all young creatives should enter. I never thought that so much would come of it, I mean getting the chance to work with Wayne Hemingway – you can’t top that! You don’t get opportunities like that lightly.”

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“This piece could work well as part of a government ad campaign for warning people about our shortage and preciousness of energy resources.” - Wayne Hemingway, NOISE Curator for Product Design.

“Thursday there was a group meeting called ‘show and tell’. Everybody brought out the work they had done during the week and we had an informal chat in the conservatory about what we liked or disliked about it. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and open discussion and it was interesting to learn about the different projects that Hemingway Design are currently undertaking. 
I got feedback from the team on my sketch work about which designs worked and would be good potential market sellers. 
I am very thankful to Wayne and everybody else at Hemingway Design for giving me this opportunity to work with them as ultimately it has inspired me to continue with greater optimism to make my name an established one within the design industry.” Excerpt from Tom’s NOISE Dream Job blog at Hemingway Design 


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