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Littleborough, United Kingdom

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George Harry Jones

George Harry Jones


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There are many things that i love. My four main hobbies and skills are: Song Writing Singing/Other instruments Photography Cinematography

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09/03/2007 - 07/17/2012

Wardle High School


Subject Level Grade Achieved Date Achieved Maths GCSE B July 2012 English Language GCSE C July 2012 English Literature GCSE B July 2012 Science GCSE C July 2012 Additional Science GCSE B July 2012 I.C.T BTEC Pass x 2 July 2012 P.E BTEC Pass x 2 July 2012 Music GCSE B July 2012 Media GCSE B July 2012 Drama GCSE C July 2012 Citizenship Half of a GCSE C January 2012 RS GCSE C July 2012




10/28/2011 - 01/30/2012

Open Mic Uk





Well, i entered a singing compostition with a song that i wrote entitiled 'Perfect to Me'. i got throught the first audition to the live finals,. i went on to peform my rendition of Adele's to make you feel my love and also the song i wrote. Then i got throught the Area finals involving people from Manchester all the way up to Scottland. I didnt make it through to the O2 arena but i took a lot from the experience, including befriending people like Lucy Spragen who had performed as a guest, before she went on the Xfactor. 

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