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Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

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Kitsch Religion

Claire Silvanna Cullen

Artist / Textile Print Specialist / Writer and Blogger / Culture Editor for XXY Magazine /

Claire Silvanna Cullen's Expertise

The concept/alias of Kitsch Religion has developed from the tendency I have to juxtapose imagery that is contradictory or ironic. By combining pictures that hold weight, significance or meaning with secondary imagery that has unrelated connotations, I have formed a process in which I create a story or narrative for my designs. Consequently I mostly create ‘conversational prints’, and although I design them for the purpose of textiles, they are not necessarily aimed as fashion designs but rather, as versatile pieces that relate as art or graphic design. I also enjoy writing as a creative channel and take pleasure in documenting inspirational art & culture for my blog. In addition to this I am the Culture Editor for XXY Magazine – an online publication that is driven by a team of young, motivated journalists, (including myself). It is wonderful to be associated with other aspiring and talented, creative individuals. We run the magazine with limited funds, therefore it is an unpaid job, however it offers a great deal of creative freedom and challenges that are invaluable to me. Since studying Fine Art, Costume Design and Textile and Surface Design, I have a broad knowledge and experience in many practices. In more recent years I have developed an artistic voice that I feel works best for me and I continue to push.

Education / Qualifications

09/21/2010 - 09/09/2013

Buckinghamshire New Uni


BA Hons Degree: Textiles and Surface Design. Specialised in Textile Print Design


High Wycombe, Bucks

I greatly value the skills, techniques and self-confidence I built up during my time at Bucks New Uni. In my third year, it was crucial for me to incorporate my written assignments and my practical work and all of my studies turned to China. I have grown to be very interested in the country's cultural, economic and social infrastructure and for my dissertation I wrote about Contemporary Chinese Art, which is a broad subject that I continue to research. When on a expedition for inspiration in London I came across some circa. 1930's Shanghai advertisements in the V&A Museum, these extraordinary posters served as an integral part of my third year project, titled Wild Swans. 


03/12/2012 - 03/23/2012

Baxter Fawcett Print Design Studio. London.


Dalston, London

Baxter Fawcett are a well established print design studio that caters for high street retail stores. Designs are created using Photoshop and Illustrator then sold to companies ranging from Marks and Spencer to River Island. 

My responsibilities Included:   Heat press printing.  Cutting and over-locking samples to finish.  Preparing headers.



06/26/2012 - 09/12/2013

Draw In Light. London.


Whitechapel, London.

Draw In Light is a fashion label based in London. All fabrics are prepared using the traditional silk screening process ready for making garments. Harry and Polly design make and distribute their creations for various boutiques worldwide. Their designs can also be found in Liberty London. 

My experience in the Draw In Light studio was inspiring and educational. In this modern, technology lead age, it is wonderful to know that there are designers out there who are using traditional techniques such as silk screening as many fashion houses rely heavily on CAD. 

My responsibilities included:  Silkscreen printing.  Pattern cutting.  Sewing garments.   Preparing fashion collections for distribution



03/18/2013 - Present

XXY Magazine



XXY Magazine is an online publication that launched early 2013. Although my role within the magazine is unpaid, I greatly value the experience and creative freedom, as well as being associated with other young, enthusiastic, visionary people. I find writing can be an enjoyable task that allows me to make sense of issues, thoughts and ideas, whereas my position as XXY's Culture Editor is more challenging. I feel very privileged to be a part of XXY as it is a growing enterprise that offers a platform for artists, writers and designers. 


06/26/2013 - 06/29/2013

New Designers. London.




The Business Design Centre, London

Education / Qualifications

09/10/2007 - 06/18/2009

Northbrook College, Sussex.


Foundation Degree in Costume Design and Realisation.



Although I achieved a Foundation Degree in Costume Design, my time at Northbrook College also taught me that to persue a carrer in this field would not be right for me. However, the skills, life lessons and friends I gained during my time here will always be valuable. 

Education / Qualifications

09/05/2005 - 07/20/2007

Amersham and Wycombe College. Bucks.


Distinction in Fine Art + City and Guilds Life Drawing.


Amersham, Bucks.

I enjoyed every moment of studying Fine Art and I was very lucky to have an exceptional tutor who broadened my knowledge of the art world.


Silkscreen Printing and Fabric Dying

Silkscreen printing is an ancient technique that is used to decorate textiles and other medium. I was first introduced to silk-screening whist studying Fine Art, mostly using acrylics. During my time at Bucks New University it was an integral part of my degree. Having specialised in printed textiles I have a vast knowledge in the printing processes, which includes mixing fabric dyes, (i.e. procien dyes), printed devore, shibori techniques, and foiling.  



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an integral component to many of my designs. I believe it is essential to mix modern/untraditional mediums such as Photoshop, with traditional techniques in order to create designs that are contemporary, tangible and as a reflection of the world we live in today. Ultimately, it is an artistic tool that I use to adapt, manipulate and push my work. Although I have a substantial knowledge of Photoshop, I am nowhere near fluent, as there are so many avenues within this program that I am constantly learning.