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Hannah Parvaz

Photo Fiend/Music Marketer/Verbose Vegetarian


I study at a Business School and take photos and work in Music. I have worked at record labels between Marketing, Operations Management and A&R, as well as being involved in live music. This side of my work aids and abets my photography, as I love performance photography. All I really want to do is live on tour, from a bag, producing shows and then taking photos of what I have made happen. That's good.

What's Happening



I like cooking, here's one I made earlier - I've been off chocolate, cakes and all things sweet for Lent. It went well, so as soon as I got home on Easter Sunday, I went and rustled up some cookies. Some real chocolatey cookies. Dark and milk cocoa powder and dark, milk, white and special Eton Mess Strawberry chocolate chips. 


Elaine Gets It

Back in January Noise thought that one of my photos was pretty good and granted me a prize of a webinar with Elaine Constantine. She gets it.

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Pillow Fight Survival

On Saturday April the 5th there was a pillow fight in Trafalgar Square. I can't say I've ever been so fearful for my camera in all my days. Being attacked from every direction, I went on the photo offensive to capture the hundreds, nay THOUSANDS, of attendees battling it out to the death of their feathery friends. 

I did think it was an achievement that my camera survived to tell the tale and that I came out with no bruises, so here's a shot. 


Bruschetta Kraft

I like cooking, here's one I made earlier - tomato, garlic, pepper, basil & edible flowers



I like cooking, here's one I made earlier


Perfect Composition

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This happened when I was taking my friend on my routine "London Sights Tour", on the St James' Park to South Bank leg. My friend was gawping at Big Ben's Bongs and the Houses of Parliament and I turned to the left and saw a guy practising over and over again jumping over something, and going back to the same position and starting point at this wall every time. I captured him.

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I've shot pretty much every kind of occasion, concentrating in Live Events and Performance, all the way to Weddings and general parties, to shoots for newspapers and promotional shots for artists or bands.

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