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Newark, United Kingdom

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Alice Chan

Work overview

An innovative fashion design candidate; loves experimenting with fabric on the female silhouette, exploring drape and cuts. Japanese design concepts is a big influence in my work. As well as creating extreme avant-garde pieces, I can also design for a more commercial market. Analysing generic/vintage garments for ideas, I play with colour, prints, embroidery and details.

As a designer, I can be extremely experimental, often using a hands-on approach to drive my design process. I am fascinated by how cloth drapes on the body and by playing with cuts and shapes, I am able to create highly innovative and avant-garde pieces. However, I am also capable of designing more commercially, catering for the mass market. My portfolio displays a wide array of skills from embroidery to print. This proves that I am a flexible designer and can apply my creativeness in different ways to suit any company.

MOSI ProjectOutstanding
2nd year Outfit 1Outstanding
2nd year Outfit 2Outstanding
Old Navy Project
FMP Shape developmentExcellent
FMP Outfit technical drawing