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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Hayley Slade

I am a recent BA graduate / seeking potential freelance photography opportunities / both paid and/or volunteer based as a means of further developing my practical photography experience / particularly within the fields of environmental / conservation / nature / landscape / wildlife / documentary and travel photography.

Hayley Slade's Expertise

I am a socially-conscious and honest photographer, seeking to use my skills to highlight nationally and regionally significant scenery and imagery. I seek to use objectivity, clarity and beauty, underscored by a solid scientific evidence base and unflinching attitude, to highlight important personal and societal issues. My latest work, the Ripple Effect represents the need for improved marine and coastal conservation, using a range of focus and depth to reflect modern hydrological and wildlife imagery, influenced by contemporary photographers including Chris Jordan, Nick Brandt, and Edward Burtynsky. I developed this work after discovering that my native North West has particularly poor water quality, with climate change-related issues compounding the problem through more regular flooding. The series shows that the evidence is all around us, on large and small scales. Through exhibiting at Noise, I aim to highlight both the ecological imperative and my own work, while gaining support for my ambitions to further study and reveal humanity’s impact on the environment.