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Anastasija Sarajeva

I am a figurative sculptor / experienced in wood work and metal work. I love puppet and costume making for theatre / due to process of fabrication (you can work in amy media). I am also a part time photographer / often i used my pictures for reference.


My passion is - to make. During my degree in London I have learned to work with wood and metal which inspired me to experiment with new materials, shape and form to make conceptual, expressive and kinetic pieces often based on real or fictional narrative. My recent practice involves prop making, fabrication and sculpture to enrich visual narrative and help to manipulate existing environment on sets. As a sculptor I am interested in contemporary art, surreal and figurative sculpture made from a variety of materials such as clay, foam, wood, metal, resin and silicon.

Same as all children I loved to make and draw. Later on in school my interest cough photography, which heavily influenced my interest in figurative art. Dreaming of photo journalism and interested in contemporary art i left my home town - Riga. London known as a capital of Art in a world became a new home for me, where i studied technical arts and special effects for film and theatre. During my time in University i mostly were interested in dark room and figurative and surreal sculpture. In 2014 I graduated from Wimbledon College of Art with 1st class qualification and currently explore film and theatre industry, as well as street photography and figurative sculpture.

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I can draw with my feet.


I can't stop doing things.


I can not sit down and chill out.


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I don't have a sense of humour.

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